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Cancellation Policy

All cancellation must be phoned through to 07989235834 Please ask to speak to Liese Cairnes.  We do accept recorded delivery letters up to 2 weeks before the booking if you wish to cancel. Unfortunately we cannot accept  emails as correspondence when cancelling as it is not a reliable form of communication in the event of it going missing or in to junk email.

After you have cancelled your booking via 07989235834 you will receive a confirmation email cancelling your booking.  Only when you have this is your booking a confirm cancellation.

There are many ways to book a room with us, as we are very committed to customer service and feel it is only right to speak direct with you the client in the event of a cancelled booking.  This is to protect you the client and ensure the correct procedure is followed and any re-bookings can be made at the time of cancellation.

Unfortunately, unless the room(s), The Barn and/or Pheasant Cottage (as the case may be) can be re-let by us, we will charge guests for any cancellations once a firm booking has been made online, on the phone or via email.
In addition, in the case of all cancellations, once a firm booking has been made, we reserve the right to charge guests an administration fee of 35. 
This administration fee may be waived at our absolute discretion where the guest bears the full cost of the booking due to our being unable to relet the room(s), The Barn and/or Pheasant Cottage (as the case may be) notwithstanding the fact that the booking has been cancelled.

Due to demand,  bookings at Christmas, New year, Easter and Bank Holidays will be requested to pay the full amount if we cannot re-let your room as per our terms and conditions. Every attempt will be made to re-sell the room over the internet and via ‘walk-ins’.  However at this very busy time many customers are turned away wishing to book accommodation for these prime holiday vacations. If you cancel within the one month period and we cannot re-sell your room/cottage/barn the full amount as per our Terms and Conditions I am afraid will have to be charged.

With respect to the cottage and barn a 50% deposit will be required when booking on a self- catering basis. Any damages that are incurred by the client will be charged. Out of respect we would appreciate if an accident happens that you report it and give us an opportunity to address it.  In most cases we will be able to resolve the damage free of charge if it is reported quickly. If however you leave the property having damaged it, without reporting it to The Manger we have the right to charge you in full to replace the damaged item (s).

To secure your booking at Leyland Country House you must leave your credit or debit card details. If you have not left your credit or debit card details the room may still be let.

Clients wishing to cancel must telephone 07989235834 or put in writing via the post. Emails cannot be accepted as a firm if communication when cancelling a booking.

Non-refundable: This means there will be no refund whatever the circumstances. Everyone has the choice of booking at the standard rate, or the discounted non-refundable rate. This is your choice at the time of booking. You will receive a receipt if you cancel which you can use to claim on your travel insurance policy (if applicable).

Children and dogs are not allowed in the main bed and breakfast house. If you book a room in the main house and turn up with a dog or a child you will be charged the 1st night stay and will have to find alternative accommodation. We cannot take responsibility for incorrect bookings, as otherwise we make a loss and another client could have booked the room.

Early departures: In the event of a stay being cut short for any reason, the full duration of each confirmed booking will be charged.

We respectfully remind guests that a firm reservation constitutes a contract between themselves and Leyland Country House. Any reservation or part of thereof which is cancelled within 1 month of the anticipated date of arrival will be charged unless the accommodation is re-let to another guest.

We reserve the right to refuse a booking for any reason.

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Leyland Country House, Undershore, Lymington SO41 5QA

Call 07989 235834 for further information.

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